Grudge-grading, grudge songs, the occasional article, and a whole host of other grudge-related goodies!

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How to Grade Your Grudge

The Carat-based Grudge Grading System Carats, as you might already know, are used to measure the weight of diamonds. I think grudges are precious, like diamonds, so I like the idea of a carat-based system! Here’s how to grade a grudge. Call your grudge to mind and...

Irrespective of our objective situation and level of personal power, some of us feel that we are able adequately to protect ourselves, practically and emotionally, from the adverse effects of living in the world alongside other human beings. Many of us, however, feel constantly at risk of interference, bullying, manipulation, imposition and other unpleasant encroachments. If we are in the second category, we are likely to hold more grudges.

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