The Mystery of Mr. E – listen to songs from the musical!

Sophie has co-written two musicals with musician and composer Annette Armitage. They are The Mystery of Mr. E — a murder mystery musical and Work Experience — a musical locked room mystery, and both were first performed by the students of Sancton Wood School in Cambridge. Below, you will find recordings/clips of the original teenage cast singing some of the songs from The Mystery of Mr E.

The Mystery of Mr. E — a murder mystery musical

John Danes, a ‘generalist’ who does all sorts of strange jobs for all kinds of peculiar people, is about to set off to Idlewyld House, former home of the late Harriet Landrigan – the most famous and bestselling romantic novelist the world has ever known – when a strange man knocks at his door. This stranger knows that John is expected at Idlewyld House, though he won’t say how he knows. When asked who he is, he says only ‘I am the murderer’, and then he disappears. Arriving at Idlewyld House, John asks if he has been summoned to solve a murder, and is assured that nothing of the sort has happened. Then one of the other guests is found dead at the bottom of the stairs…

I'll stick with Mr. Friend

starring Daisy Whiting, Phoebe Jones, Sapphire Cheal, Tom Stapleton, Guy Jones & Toby Wells

Books on the Wall

starring Phoebe Jones, Tom Stapleton & Guy Mills

Peter's Lament

starring Skye Meakin, James Tunnicliffe Wilson & Tom Stapleton

Work Experience — a musical locked room mystery

Every year, Tribute Adhesive Gel Solutions Ltd, a staggeringly boring and profoundly unprofitable glue-making company, offers a week’s work experience to the most disobedient pupil from nearby Pffisham School. This year, it’s Oscar Landrigan’s turn to be the terrible boy of the year and go and do a week’s hard time at TAGS. At first, Oscar is simply bored beyond belief…and then he discovers that TAGS’s managing director, Derek Surridge, was once accused of the abduction and murder of his own son, Luke, who inexplicably disappeared from a locked room several years earlier. Can Oscar solve the mystery of what happened to Luke and, while he’s at it, think of any way to make life at TAGS a bit less soul-crushingly dull?