** Update – latest news on Simon & Charlie

Fans of Simon and Charlie, do not despair! I’m working on the next full-length Simon and Charlie novel – I think it will probably be published in early 2021, because it requires a lot of research. It’s an idea I have loved and nurtured for years, and its working title has always been Recognition, though I’ve already been warned that I probably can’t call it that. Whatever it ends up being called, I am desperately keen to write it. It’s based on one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

In the meantime, you might enjoy reading this latest installment of Simon and Charlie’s life: a novella I wrote (a murder mystery, of course) in which they star, and which is completely free to download here.

At the moment, the story is called A Dark Time, but when I eventually publish it in a collection of Simon and Charlie stories (also forthcoming, after the next Simon and Charlie novel!) it will have a different title, though I’m not yet sure what that will be! Any suggestions welcome! Email sophie@sophiehannah.com.