When will there be more Simon and Charlie?

A lot of people have asked me when the next Simon and Charlie novel will appear. The last one was The Narrow Bed, which ends on an enormous Liv-and-Gibbs-related cliffhanger. I realise it must seem almost sadistic of me not to make sure that my very next book was a Culver Valley one, so that all those loose ends could be promptly tied up.

I’ve known for some time what the next Simon and Charlie book should and must be. I have much of the plan for it in my head. It’s an idea I have loved and nurtured for years. Its working title has always been Recognition, though I’ve already been warned that I probably can’t call it that. Whatever it ends up being called, I am desperately keen to write it. It’s based on one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

The thing is…a lot of research is needed before I can get started on it – more research than I’ve done for any of my other books (apart from A Room Swept White, which was inspired by real-life cases of mothers convicted of murdering their own babies.) And I don’t currently have the time to do that research. I could at any point over the last year or so have crammed it in…but I didn’t want to. It felt unsatisfactory and wrong to consider doing that. So I decided that I would wait and write Recognition when I was good and ready, and had enough time to do the research properly. 

I think that means that I will write it in 2019, and publish it in 2020. So, if you’re one of the people waiting for the next Simon and Charlie book – don’t worry, it really is on its way. Just a little more slowly than usual! My next novel after Did You See Melody? will be my third Hercule Poirot novel (as yet untitled), followed by another standalone, Haven’t They Grown (click the title to read more) and then, finally, it will be Recognition’s turn (or whatever it ends up being called) and Simon and Charlie will be back to entertain and frustrate you!