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Can Hercule Poirot solve a baffling murder in time for Christmas?

It’s 19 December 1931. Hercule Poirot and Inspector Edward Catchpool are called to investigate the murder of a man in the apparent safe haven of a Norfolk hospital ward. Catchpool’s mother, the irrepressible Cynthia, insists that Poirot stays in a crumbling mansion by the coast, so that they can all be together for the festive period while Poirot solves the case. Cynthia’s friend Arnold is soon to be admitted to that same hospital and his wife is convinced he will be the killer’s next victim, though she refuses to explain why.

Poirot has less than a week to solve the crime and prevent more murders if he is to escape from this nightmare scenario and get home in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, someone else – someone utterly ruthless – also has ideas about what ought to happen to Hercule Poirot . . .





“Poirot is back and he’s better than ever. Sophie Hannah is once again writing as Agatha Christie and Silent Night is her best yet. An atmospheric Christmas setting, an impossible murder and a compelling investigation that leads to a completely surprising, yet deeply satisfying solution. If you want a Christie for Christmas, you couldn’t do better than this.”
Alex Michaelides, bestselling author of The Silent Patient

“Hannah’s stellar fifth whodunit featuring Agatha Christie’s iconic sleuth (after 2020’s The Killings at Kingfisher Hall) extends her reign as a master of mystery…Hannah does a superior job of presenting Poirot’s quirky brilliance without overdoing it, and in making Catchpool a fully fleshed sidekick with psychological depth. Golden age mystery fans will be hungry for more.”
Publishers Weekly

“A fiendishly inventive serving of humble pie, or Christmas pudding, for puzzle-solvers who think they’re clever.”

“Hannah exhibits a finely tuned ability to stay true to the quintessential Christie style while also incorporating her own unique brand of storytelling. Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night is infused with a nostalgic atmosphere, recalling the glory days of Poirot and Captain Hastings as they visited stately pile after stately pile, solving fiendish mysteries from dawn to dusk. Within the classic whodunnit structure, Hannah builds an intricately layered mystery, gradually revealing clues and introducing red herrings.”

“Sophie Hannah does a masterful job of balancing Christie’s voice with modern sensibilities. She is also brilliant at the misdirection that characterized Christie’s novels. There are plenty of clues and allusions—but the twist may still surprise you. Make sure to put this mystery on your Christmas list!”

Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night is unwavering in its brilliance from start to finish, and Sophie Hannah proves once again why she is the only author capable of filling Agatha Christie’s enormous shoes.”

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