It’s every mother’s nightmare…

She’s only been gone two hours.

Her husband David was meant to be looking after their two-week-old daughter. But when Alice Fancourt walks into the nursery, her terrifying ordeal begins, for Alice insists the baby in the cot is a stranger she’s never seen before.

With an increasingly hostile and menacing David swearing she must either be mad or lying, how can Alice make the police believe her before it’s too late?

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“This may well turn out to be the detective novel of the year. A terrifying mystery of manipulation, counter-manipulation and, finally, astounding revelation – it’s a haunting story told with bewitching skill.”

“The author is a poet by trade and she brings a wealth of psychological and literary subtlety to bear in this impressive novel. Smart and disarmingly unnerving.”
Daily Mail

“Hannah adapts to crime fiction with arresting aplomb: her characters are vivid, the novel’s challenging double narrative is handled with flair, and its denouement is ingenious.“
The Sunday Times

“Sophie Hannah has written a riveting thriller that will keep you turning the pages in one sitting if possible. Her observations about what lies beneath the surface of other people’s lives are intelligently made and beautifully written.“
Irish Independent

“Hannah’s whodunit milks a classic formula with subversive results. This missing-baby tale chimes with very modern anxieties. Custody issues lie at the heart of the resolution, and the increasingly perverse relationship between Alice and David is grounded in recognisable reality that serves only to make our flesh crawl more.”

“I do not really want to discuss this thriller. I do not want to give away any of the quite brilliant twists to those who may not have read Little Face or have not yet finished it. So, you will just have to take my word that Sophie Hannah delivers as good a finale as any crime writer. I was extremely impressed.”
The Times

“Fascinating and original, beautifully written, outstandingly chilling.”

“I have been devouring poet and novelist Sophie Hannah’s psychological thriller LITTLE FACE. I can’t remember when I was more intrigued by the premise of a book… I read this book greedily, longing to know why anyone would swap a baby. Steal a baby yes, swap an adult yes, but swap a baby? It is almost impossible to unravel. The tension ratchets up throughout the book; the scenes of David’s increasingly vile psychological torture of Alice are particularly gripping. And, like all good thrillers, the resolution began to make sense just pages before the final revelation of whodunnit and why. A toothsome read; I’m eager to get my hands on the next one.”
Naomi Alderman in the Bookseller

“Chilling and completely gripping – I stayed up half the night to finish it.”
Marie Claire

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