Most people have no idea how to choose well. Their approach to decisions is based on foundations that are incorrect, which makes wise choice-making impossible.

The great news is, you don’t need to be one of those people ever again, once you’ve discovered the unique Double Best Method and learned how to make every choice in the best way.

Out now in ebook, audio and paperback.

We create our decisions in our minds…

The decisions we make create our lives…

Learn how to make the very best decisions using the unique ‘Double Best’ Method.


Listen to an extract from the audiobook…

I can’t wait to introduce you to the most brilliant decision-making tool in the world. Obviously I’m biased because I created it – almost by accident – but I truly believe there can be no better way to make any and every choice, big or small.

This method will transform your personal life, your career, your relationship with yourself and others, your confidence and whatever else you apply it to.


Sophie says:

In 2012, I made what I thought was a reckless decision to do something that was bound not to work. It was 99% likely to end in complete failure. I thought that my reasons for making this choice were ‘ridiculous and bonkers’. I didn’t dare tell anyone my ‘why’, so sure was I that what I was doing was naive and irrational.

And yet…I very much wanted to make this particular choice that I thought no one would approve of. Why, if it was so foolish and reckless? I told myself,  ‘I just want to, probably because I’m a bit weird, and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but me.’

That ‘bonkers’ decision turned out to be life-changing for me, in the most incredible way. By July 2021, the thing that was 99.9% bound not to work had ended up working brilliantly — beyond anyone’s wildest dreams…

Find out what that decision was and how it led to the invention of my unique Double Best Method…



At last a simple and brilliant strategy to clear away over complicated thinking around those sticky decisions. I’ve tried it already, and it worked. Now I’m looking forward to my next decision. It’s liberating!

amazon reviewer

‘This book is fantastic. It’s all about having the confidence to make the important decisions in life. But also, it empowers you to do so. It isn’t about making the decisions once you have the confidence, it actually encourages you to believe you have the confidence to make the decisions now. It helps you recognise how important your own point of view is. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s a light read, easy to follow, well-written, and refreshing in its enthusiasm. The decision-making method is simple and yet enlightening. Can strongly recommend this book.’

amazon reviewer

‘You can speed through this insightful, funny and very acute book and come away with tools for and confidence in your decision making future!’

amazon reviewer

‘News of this book appeared, miraculously, in my inbox (via Sophie Hannah’s newsletter) right at a time when I was trying to make one of the hardest decisions of my life – a decision so momentous that most people would be horrified to hear I made it using a self-help book. But that’s what I did, and now, a month on, I feel completely at peace with my decision for the very reason Hannah describes: I’ll never know how the alternative would have played out, but I know I made my choice based on what was true for ME. So thank you, Sophie – as if your fiction hadn’t already brought me enough joy, you’ve now changed my life for the better via your non-fiction.’

goodreads reviewer

‘Sophie Hannah promises a foolproof decision-making method that will increase your happiness with your decision making whatever the real world outcome. I love the delightful optimism and can-do spirit Sophie brings to what has always been for me an agonizing process. Can’t wait to try it out on real decisions.’

amazon reviewer

I’ve always struggled with indecision from the small things (what to buy) to the big things (where to live). even when I make a decision, I beat myself up about the “better options” afterwards. Sophie so clearly presents a method that is easy to understand and can be used right away.

amazon reviewer

‘If you waste time procrastinating or ever waste time regretting what you think is a bad decision, this book is for you. It’s very easy and very, very rewarding.’

amazon reviewer

‘The Double Best Method is fascinating for someone like me, who used to tend to fret about making the right decisions. It is an easy-to-follow audiobook. It is also full of examples of the method in action. Brilliant.

audible reviewer

‘Get this book. Get it now and unleash your unrealized power of making genius decisions.’

goodreads reviewer

‘Practical and helpful and fun to read. I wish I had Sophie’s inspirational confidence!’

goodreads reviewer

Have you ever made a terrible decision that you’ve regretted? Do you have trouble trusting your intuition and your judgement, afraid you’ll make another bad choice? Do you stress about what’s the right thing to do in a tough situation? Do you often end up trapped in indecision, feeling frustrated and stuck?

I used to have all of these problems, until I create The Double Best Method. Since then, I have not looked back. It’s truly life-changing.



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