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We create our decisions in our minds…

The decisions we make create our lives…

Learn how to make the very best decisions using the unique ‘Double Best’ Method.

Most people have no idea how to choose well. Their approach to decisions is based on foundations that are incorrect, which makes wise choice-making impossible.

The great news is, you don’t need to be one of those people ever again, once you’ve discovered the unique Double Best Method and learned how to make every choice in the best way.


In 2012, I made what I thought was a reckless decision to do something that was bound not to work. It was 99% likely to end in complete failure. I thought that my reasons for making this choice were ‘ridiculous and bonkers’. I didn’t dare tell anyone my ‘why’, so sure was I that what I was doing was naive and irrational. 

And yet…I very much wanted to make this particular choice that I thought no one would approve of. Why, if it was so foolish and reckless? I told myself,  ‘I just want to, probably because I’m a bit weird, and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but me.’

That ‘bonkers’ decision turned out to be life-changing for me, in the most incredible way. By July 2021, the thing that was 99.9% bound not to work had ended up working brilliantly — beyond anyone’s wildest dreams…

Find out what that decision was and how it led to the invention of my unique Double Best Method…

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